Wanderer Werke Continental Typerwriter

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A very fun vintage/antique Wanderer-Werke "Continental" keyboard, as pictured. It's in good physical condition, and appears to be working as-intended, the keys strike correctly, and the carriage advances, The interior seems a bit dusty, it could use a thorough cleaning -- but no noticeable physical damage, and would make a great addition to any typewriter collection. It has the German (QWERTZ) keyboard, and comes in the original case, as pictured. The case is holding up, but it shows a bit of wear from age and storage. It's marked on the corner below the space bar " Chemnitz-Schönau", although it's heavily faded. Case measures: 13 x 13.25 x 5.5-inches. Weight: 14.57 pounds. The leather handle is missing. Cover is marked HQ CO 137th Inf. Story told of this item, is that this typewriter was used in a war in France and brought to the US after the war ended. There is no documentation behind the story of the typewriter.

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