Royal Copley Anthurium Chartreuse Leaf Vase

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Add a touch of natural elegance to your decor with the Royal Copley Chartreuse Lime Green Leaf Vase. As you wander through the antique shop, your eyes suddenly come across a striking piece of art that catches your attention - a Royal Copley vase with an intricate leaf pattern in chartreuse and lime green hues. The bold design draws you closer, as if it's daring you to take it home. As you pick up the vase and feel its weight in your hand, images flood into your mind of how stunning it would look perched on top of a mantle or displayed on a coffee table. You can almost smell the fragrant flowers that would fill this one-of-a-kind vessel. It's as if this Royal Copley creation is begging for someone to appreciate its beauty and elegance anew - someone like you who understands the value of craftsmanship from days gone by and has an eye for breathtaking decorative pieces that double as conversation starters.Royal Copley - Chartreuse Lime Green Leaf Pattern Vase - 8.5"

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