Northwood Ruffled 3 foot tri-corner bowl

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This is a beautiful Canary Yellow with an Opalescent Fluted Rim and is known as Alaskan Klondyke. It is what's known as vaseline glass and is made with some uranium which causes a glow under a black light.Circa 1898-1901, Early American Pressed Glass or EAPG. This is a fluted 3 footed tri corner candy dish made by Northwood glass manufacturing company owned by Harry Northwood.Canary Yellow with opalescent fluted rim, vaseline/uranium glass. Not tested to see if it glows. It measures approximately:8 inches across in any direction3 1/2 inches tall.There are no chips, cracks, or repairs.Uranium Glass Ruffled Bowl Vaseline Opalescent Unmarked. Condition is "Used".

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