Martin C-1 1931 Round Sunburst

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Excellently restored Pre-War Martin C-1 Acoustic Guitar
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Brand: Martin

Martin 1931 C-1 Round Sunburst. Serial #1535988

It's lightweight and plays great. It's hard to believe you're playing a guitar that's almost 100 years old!

This pre-war Martin was expertly restored, using original hardware when able with authorized Stu Mac parts where needed by Luthier, Larry Wagner including the following:

- Complete Fret Redressing

- Original Bridge re-worked

- Original Braces repaired and glued

- Cracks Repaired

- New Pick Guard Created

- Original tailpiece restored

- New Tuners

Check out this link thanks to Folkway Music for additional details about this guitar:,excellent%20for%20single%2Dnote%20runs.

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